Politicians Disavow Trump – Play a Dangerous & Stupid Game

Nevada Career Politicians Joe Heck, Brian Sandoval and Cresent Hardy all Looking out for themselves

(I am in Nevada, so I am mentioning these politicians. There are dozens more who are doing the same)

So far, these three Nevada politicians are either disavowing, pulling endorsements or just otherwise being complete pussies over a single word.

I think it should be considered that as my wife pointed out, these were people that only supported Donald Trump because it was either the party line or opportunistic to do so. It is not as though they were suddenly inspired by the guy.

These are career politicians who are basically looking to their tribe that they know will support them in the future no matter what.

It bears repeating. These people are looking to the future and are afraid

How are they afraid? What does that even mean? Well, the fear comes from the fact that they could be out of jobs if their base takes offense to what Trump does or says.

Therefore, why not pander to those who have given them their political careers, for the hope that they can retain their current position even if Donald Trump does somehow completely implode?

To them, there are two types of voters. Which are you?

They look at the voters like this:

  1. Registered party line voters. Mad that Romney lost, begrudgingly supporting Donald to a point, and always in for the traditional GOP candidate. They love these voters.
  2. The unregistered voter who never voted (or haven't voted in decades) because they knew the last few candidates were not going to do anything to change, even if elected. They don't care about these voters.

You see, the ones they want are the ones that will be wishy washy and possibly not vote for Trump, but the ones they can't afford to foolishly ignore (which they are doing by disavowing and pulling support) which they think they are safe to ignore are the ones that no one is counting on.

The regular people that did not care until The Donald came will decide this race.

They do not see it. I do see it. Do you? They (these new voters) will say things like this

Donald is a human. That is how men talk. When with my girlfriends we talk lewdly about guys. Who cares, that was eleven years ago. How dare they go after him this way?

And so on, and so on.

One last BIG MISTAKE these career politicians make here is this

By disavowing, they assume that people will be voting along party lines. This is not necessary the case.

People can simply vote for a republican president (TRUMP), and Mickey Mouse for all other choices on the ballot.

How many people will vote for ONLY DONALD TRUMP this November?

Only time will tell, but if you think about it, it is a dangerous game to play.

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