Electing a US President – The Superbowl Factor

If Hillary Clinton were invited over to your house to watch the Super Bowl it would be very awkward. Chances are that she would say or do something that would put your guests in a state of uneasiness. She would wear a $10,000 pantsuit and put hotsauce on things for no reason before taking a nap. It would be weird.

If you invited Donald Trump over to your house to watch the Super Bowl, it might be a little more interesting. He would have some interesting stuff to say that you would be definitely surprised and entertained at the same time. He’d regail you with stories of his life and wouldn’t bat an eye at making a $50,000 bet on the coin toss.

This is the same reason why John McCain and Mitt Romney both lost to Barack Obama.

Obama always came off as the cool guy that smoked pot and admitted it, who spent time with regular people and even the poor folks of Chicago. He was of course, a con man set up by the establishment to be a Trojan horse of socialist changes but all the same and nonetheless he would have be invited in more than the old white guys McCain and Romney.

If the presidential election is about the people, let’s call this the Superbowl test

Think about it for a second. Who would have been better, Bush or Gore? No, not in office but at your place for the Superbowl? What about Bush or Kerry? With that fake East Coast accent, I know I couldn’t stand Kerry aside from a small dose, but Bush was a typical American. No he didn’t drink but I guarantee you he was an awesome houseguest.

Cheney on the other hand. Well, you can figure that out for yourselves. Make him angry and that guy goes trigger happy on you.

The president needs to be relatable, everything else is secondary

We worry about so much this time around. Will Trump be able to be trusted with the launch codes? Will Hillary use the treasury as her own personal atm? Will that Kardashian moron get over being robbed at gunpoint? (okay, no I don’t worry about that last part)

The point is that on the surface we are all the same. We are human beings who want to be able to be understood by our leaders.

We need to see a part of ourselves in our leaders

If our elected (a term I am afraid I may use loosely) leaders are there to represent us as citizens when we deal with the world as a country, then we absolutely need to see a part of ourselves in them. They who we are, and that is why we are supposed to elect them as a free people, remember by the people and for the people?

So, he (or she) who wins will he the overall who comes off as most relatable to most of the people.

Consider the blind love for these candidates from these groups

  • Clinton is relatable to most women
  • Bernie Sanders is loved by most broke college students that don’t know better.
  • Trump is loved by male voters and those who felt they never had a real voice.

Hillary’s quagmire

And that there is a real problem for Hillary Clinton and her people. She is not really that relatable. She can try all she wants and even admitted to Wallstreet through her recently leaked speeches that she holds two different personas, but she won’t be able to fool all the people all of the time, and eventually the game ends when people question your true intentions.

The trump factor

Then we have Donald Trump and amazingly, no matter who you ask it seems that he is “genuine” all the time. A trait that could be a huge factor when deciding the election coming up in just a few weeks.

Whatever happens, just remember that Americans aren’t stupid. They will make their choices they best they can.

You can fool us for a while, but eventually it will come back to you.

When  that happens, you should prepare for a big change.

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